Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Welcome to Bawang Assan Iban Longhouse Stay

Selamat Datai or Welcome to Bawang Assan Iban Longhouse Stay Programme. Bawang Assan Iban Longhouse Stay Program is the first homestay program develop by Ministry of Urban Development and Tourism, Sarawak in Sibu Division.
Bawang Assan resettlement area located along the river bank of the longest river of Malaysia, The Mighty Rajang River. Iban is the largest community stayed in this area and Christian is their religion. However they still keeping their traditional culture not only for themselves but for future generation.

Visitors’ to the longhouse will have a chance to experience the Iban culture and style of living. Making traditional cake, brewing famous Tuak (local rice wine) and cooking chicken in bamboo will be the most interesting activities during your stay at Iban longhouse.

There are 13 trained families from the 8 Iban longhouses in the area are ready to welcome the visitors. Their doors is open to local or foreign tourist who wish to experience stay at the Iban longhouse. Seeing is believing, come and experience it yourself .


Daily Package

· welcoming drinks
· Cultural dance
· Accommodation
· Foods and drinks
· Longhouse tour
· Entrance fees.

Package 2 DAYS 1 NIGHT
Day 1
· Welcoming drinks
· Cultural dance
· Accommodation
· Foods and drinks
· Longhouse tour
· Entrance fees

Day 2
· Blowpipe demonstration
· Weaving pua
· Bemban making
· Indoor traditional games

Optional Activities
(Can be arrange upon guest request)

· Fishing safari
· River cruise using local boat
· Ranyai and betaboh session
· Try yourself Iban traditional costume

How to get there
Accessible by land or water transport. Visitors’ easily can get the van or taxi from the town centre to Bawang Assan area.

· Trying out the colourful Iban costumes
· Outing on your own : village walk and sunset rendezvous
· Go experience farming life
· Learn as well the art of weaving Bemban mat
· Culinary experience : cooking Iban meals
· Experience how to use blowpipe
· Iban cultures, legends and stories sharing
· Discover the exotic art of weaving pua kumbu (Iban textile)
· Learn the weaving process from tie and dye to the final weaving

· Traditional Iban longhouse
· Experience the “local cruise” from town area to Bawang Assan
· Weaving pua kumbu
· Making the bemban products
· Fishing fresh water prawn

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